Saturday, May 5, 2018

Abstract-Transparent AlON ceramic combined with VO2 thin film for infrared and terahertz smart window

Bo Penga, Qiwu Shia,Wanxia Huanga, Shanshan Wangb, Jianqi Qib,Tiecheng Lub,

Transparent AlON ceramics are intriguing window materials with excellent mechanical strength and superb optical transparency from the near ultraviolet to the mid-infrared range. However, previous studies focused their investigations in the visible range; therefore, the application of transparent AlON ceramics to tunable windows has yet to be reported. In this work, a VO2 thin film with a characteristic semiconductor-metal phase transition (SMT) was fabricated on a transparent AlON ceramic, which exhibited remarkable tunable switching properties in the infrared and terahertz ranges. The transparent AlON ceramic was prepared by a two-step method, which included carbothermal reduction and pressureless sintering. The resulting ceramic exhibited high transparency of over 70% in the visible-infrared range and a notable THz transmission of 64.5–73.9% at 0.1–1.5 THz. The VO2 thin film was prepared on a transparent AlON ceramic using the sol-gel method and showed excellent optical and electric switching performance. The square resistance variance was close to four orders of magnitude, and an infrared switching ratio of over 40% was obtained. Furthermore, the combined structure showed an efficient THz switching ratio of approximately 70.9%. This study proposes a composite material combined with a transparent ceramic and a phase transition oxide and provides great insights into their application in infrared and terahertz smart windows as well as in switching devices.

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