Thursday, May 31, 2018

Abstract-Performance modeling of terahertz (THz) and millimeter waves (mmW) pupil plane imaging

Nafiseh Mohammadian,  Orges Furxhi,  Lei Zhang,  Peter Offermans,  Galia Ghazi,  Ronald Driggers

Terahertz- (THz) and millimeter-wave sensors are becoming more important in industrial, security, medical, and defense applications. A major problem in these sensing areas is the resolution, sensitivity, and visual acuity of the imaging systems. There are different fundamental parameters in designing a system that have significant effects on the imaging performance. The performance of THz systems can be discussed in terms of two characteristics: sensitivity and spatial resolution. New approaches for design and manufacturing of THz imagers are a vital basis for developing future applications. Photonics solutions have been at the technological forefront in THz band applications. A single scan antenna does not provide reasonable resolution, sensitivity, and speed. An effective approach to imaging is placing a high-performance antenna in a two-dimensional antenna array to achieve higher radiation efficiency and higher resolution in the imaging systems. Here, we present the performance modeling of a pupil plane imaging system to find the resolution and sensitivity efficiency of the imaging system.
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