Sunday, May 6, 2018

Abstract-Low-loss polarization-maintaining terahertz fiber based on central air hole movements

Zhiqing Wu, Qingzhi Li, Handing Xia; Zhaohua Shi,  Xiaoyan Zhou,  Qinghua Deng; Weidong Wu,

We report a type of single-hole core photonic crystal fiber for low-loss polarization-maintaining terahertz (THz) wave guidance. Simulation results show that high birefringence at a level of 10  −  2 can be obtained by a design of minor position adjustment of the central air hole. Low effective material loss can be achieved because of the introduced central air hole. The strategy of the central air hole movements is also applicable for the three-hole core THz photonic crystal fibers. Other transmission characteristics including single-mode condition, power fraction, confinement loss, and dispersion were discussed in detail. It is quite clear that the proposal facilitates the fabrication process due to the simple structure.
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