Sunday, February 18, 2018

Abstract-Magneto-Optical Modulation of Photonic Spin Hall Effect of Graphene in Terahertz Region

Tingting Tang, Jie Li, Li Luo, Ping Sun, Jianquan Yao,

Magneto-optical (MO) modulation of the photonic spin Hall effect (PSHE) of transmitted light in graphene–substrate system in terahertz region is proposed. The expressions for PSHE shifts of left-handed circularly polarized (LHCP) and right-handed circularly polarized (RHCP) components are derived based on angular spectrum analysis. PSHE shifts and their physical mechanisms are discussed in detail in the presence of different relaxation time and Fermi energy of graphene based on simulation results. The potential applications of MO-modulated PSHE in multichannel switch and barcode encryption are also proposed and discussed. The MO-modulated PSHE in graphene–substrate system provides a new mechanism to realize photonic devices in the terahertz region.

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