Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Abstract-Surface plasmons in a nanostructured black phosphorus flake

Xinyue Ni, Lin Wang, Jinxuan Zhu, Xiaoshuang Chen, and Wei Lu
Recent rediscovered layered material-black phosphorous with a puckered honeycomb atomic structure has experienced an upsurge in demand owing to its exotic physical properties such as layer-independent direct bandgap and linear dichroism. This Letter presents plasmonic properties of the nanostructured BP flake and its unprecedented capability of wide-band photon manipulation within the deep subwavelength scale. Owing to its anisotropic characteristic in band structure and moderate mobility, a strong layer number and polarization dependences of the plasmon resonance with frequencies ranging from infrared (IR) to terahertz have been found. Oblique plasmons have been observed in the square array of a black phosphorus (BP) flake, with the resonant frequency tuned in-situ, either electrically or optically, plus strong plasmon-induced absorption. Such advantages place BP as the best alternate candidate of plasmonic materials for ultra-scaled optoelectronic integration from terahertz to mid-IR.
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