Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Abstract-Interaction of surface plasmon polaritons and acoustic waves inside an acoustic cavity

Nikolai Khokhlov, Grigoriy Knyazev, Boris Glavin, Yakov Shtykov, Oleg Romanov, and Vladimir Belotelov


In this Letter, we introduce an approach for manipulation of active plasmon polaritons via acoustic waves at sub-terahertz frequency range. The acoustic structures considered are designed as phononic Fabry–Perot microresonators where mirrors are presented with an acoustic superlattice and the structure’s surface, and a plasmonic grating is placed on top of the acoustic cavity so formed. It provides phonon localization in the vicinity of the plasmonic grating at frequencies within the phononic stop band enhancing phonon–light interaction. We consider phonon excitation by shining a femtosecond laser pulse on the plasmonic grating. Appropriate theoretical model was used to describe the acoustic process caused by the pump laser pulse in the GaAs/AlAs-based acoustic cavity with a gold grating on top. Strongest modulation is achieved upon excitation of propagating surface plasmon polaritons and hybridization of propagating and localized plasmons. The relative changes in the optical reflectivity of the structure are more than an order of magnitude higher than for the structure without the plasmonic film.
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