Sunday, August 13, 2017

Abstract-Submm-Wave Reflection and Transmission Technique for Testing and Monitoring of Biochemical Solutions

The investigation of dielectric permittivity of liquids in a wide frequency range is important not only for liquid identification, but these studies provide very useful information on liquid under test as well. We show that the method of investigation of the complex conductivity of superconducting samples by grazing incidence reflectivity measurements can be also used for investigation of dielectric properties of different biochemical solutions. The optimal incident angle was obtained by calculation of the reflection and transmission coefficients at the liquid-dielectric interfaces for given conditions. It is determined as the maximum of the reflection coefficient sensitivity to the liquid permittivity changes. The measurement cell based on Teflon prism allowing grazing incidence angles on liquid media is designed. The experimental results of the transmission coefficient through the prism filled with water and air demonstrates that the technique can be used for the liquid investigation in a wide frequency range. The other advantage of the method is the possibility of measurement of liquids with different thicknesses and especially samples with unknown thickness. This technique can be also applied for determination of explosives and monitoring of different biochemical solutions.

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