Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SBIR-STTR- Mesa Photonics, LLC-DOE-Multiplexed signal recovery for ultrafast diagnostics

Mesa Photonics, LLC
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 Daniel Kane
 Dr .
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Data collection from sensors at the National Ignition Facility and other inertial confinement fusion sites are often optically encoded to avoid electrical interference. Recording signals from these sensors requires demanding data collection capabilities. Sensor data has high bandwidth (greater than 1 THz); it must be collected from multiple sites around the target chamber for significant temporal durations and must be single shot. A single system must also be able to completely characterize laser driver pulses at multiple locations, providing the intensity and phase of the laser pulse with sub picosecond time resolution. Statement of how this problem or situation is being addressed. This SBIR project will develop a new technology to record the intensity and phase of optical waveforms from sensors, or the intensity and phase of fusion driver laser pulses, with terahertz bandwidths and time windows spanning more than several nanoseconds. Our technology will be inexpensive and robust, allowing many sensors to be multiplexed into one digitizer system by delaying the waveforms from each sensor while recording data continuously. What was done in Phase I? In Phase I, we built a breadboard ultrafast signal recovery system and conducted a proof of principle demonstration of our new technology using repeating waveforms. The system had a bandwidth of more than 2 terahertz, a time window of 1.8 ns, and a dynamic range of more than 40 decibels. Phase II Project In Phase II, we will construct a prototype single shot waveform digitizer using inexpensive and commercially available telecommunications components. We will verify key specifications required for the prototype and will finalize system design. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits. Our improved optical waveform digitizer system will significantly transform the oscilloscope market. Our system will be less expensive, leveraging low cost, commercially available components to provide state of the art bandwidth and recording capabilities at lower cost. Our developments will have applications in technology development and telecommunications.

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