Friday, July 7, 2017

Abstract-Single-layer plasmonic metasurface half-wave plates with wavelength-independent polarization conversion angle

ACS Photonics, Just Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b00491
Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2017
Copyright © 2017 American Chemical Society

Manipulation of polarization state is of great fundamental importance and plays a crucial role in modern photonic applications such as optical communication, imaging and sensing. Metamaterials and metasurfaces have attracted increasing interest in this area because they facilitate designer optical response through engineering the composite subwavelength structures. Here we propose a general methods of designing half-wave plate, and demonstrate in the near-infrared wavelength range an optically thin plasmonic metasurface half-wave plates that rotate the polarization direction of the linearly polarized incident light with a high degree of linear polarization. The half-wave plate functionality is realized through arranging the orientation of the nanoantennas to form an appropriate spatial distribution profile, which behave exactly as in classical half-wave plates but over in a wavelength-independent way.

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