Thursday, July 13, 2017

Abstract-Design and Characterization of CMOS Transmission Lines in Sub-THz Region

Xiuping Li, Weiwei Feng, Hua Zhu

Microstrip line, coplanar waveguide, ground coplanar waveguide, and two kinds of slow-wave transmission lines (T-Line) are designed and realized based on a 0.13 μm Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) process. The radiation loss in the sub-THz region is evaluated by E-field distribution and attenuation coefficient versus the dimensions. Characterizations of these T-Lines up to sub-THz region is performed by sub artificial neural network (ANN) based on T-Line models and measurement results. The sub ANN-based model is capable of capturing the frequency-dependent effect of the resistance, inductance, conductance, and capacitance (RLGC) model up to sub-THz region, promising a compact and wideband modeling approach. The effect of dummy-filling on degrade of T-Lines performance in sub-THz region is also analyzed and evaluated by measurement and simulation results. Good agreement is obtained between the simulation, modeling, and measurement results.

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