Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Abstract-Switchable metamaterial for enhancing and localizing electromagnetic field at terahertz band

Junxing Liu, Kailin Zhang, Xiankuan Liu, Zeyu Zhang, Zuanming Jin, Xiaoyong He, and Guohong Ma


In this article, a novel metamaterial is designed aimed at generating a single electromagnetic hot spot, in order to realize the localization of the incident electromagnetic field at terahertz band, and this kind of metastructure is an ideal candidate for many research fields such as spintronics, nonlinear magnetic response, near-field optics, and optical antenna, etc. The specially tailored metamaterial takes the shape of diabolo with a metal triangle pair connected by a cubic gallium arsenide (GaAs) gap. We demonstrated by simulation that both electric- and magnetic-field of incident THz pulse can be confined in the small GaAs gap when a synchronized femtosecond laser pulse is illuminated. The numerical simulation results show that 2 orders of magnitude of field enhancement can be obtained for a 1-by-1 μm GaAs gap, and the field enhancement factor can also be further improved by tailoring the GaAs gap down to nanometer scale.
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