Thursday, June 15, 2017

Abstract-Review on Polarization Selective Terahertz Metamaterials: from Chiral Metamaterials to Stereometamaterials

  • Elizabath Philip, 
  • M. Zeki Güngördü, 
  • Sharmistha Pal, 
  • Patrick Kung, 
  • Seongsin Margaret Kim

In this article, recent progress and development of terahertz chiral metamaterials including stereometamaterials are thoroughly reviewed. This review mainly focuses on the fundamental principles of design and arrangement of meta-atoms in metamaterials exhibiting chirality with various asymmetry and symmetry and 2D and 3D configuration. Related optical and propagation properties in chiral metamaterials, such as optical activity, circular dichroism, and negative refraction for each different chiral metamaterials, are compared and investigated. Finally, comparison between chiral metamaterials with stereometamaterials in terms of the polarization selective operation along with the similarity and the distinction is addressed as well.

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