Saturday, June 17, 2017

Abstract-Flat Terahertz Reflective Focusing Metasurface with Scanning Ability

Huan Yi, Shi-Wei Qu, Bao-Jie Chen, Xue Bai, Kung Bo Ng,  Chi Hou Chan

The ability to manipulate the propagation properties of electromagnetic waves, e.g., divergence, focusing, holography or deflection, is very significant in terahertz applications. Metasurfaces with flat structures are attractive for achieving such manipulations in terahertz band, as they feature low profile, lightweight, and ease of design and installation. Several types of terahertz reflective or transmitting metasurfaces with focusing function have been implemented recently, but none of them can provide scanning ability with controllable focus. Here, a flat reflective metasurface featuring controllable focal shift is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Furthermore, the principle of designing a focus scanning reflective metasurface is presented and the focusing characteristics are discussed, including focus scanning along a line parallel or orthogonal to the metasurface with a large bandwidth. These interesting properties indicate that this flat reflective metasurface could play a key role in many terahertz imaging and detection systems.

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