Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Abstract-THz-TDS using a photoconductive free-space linear tapered slot antenna transmitter

Robert Smith, Afshin Jooshesh, Jinye Zhang, and Thomas Darcie


A near-field edge-coupled photoconductive free-space linear tapered slot antenna has been constructed as a planar alternative to the standard photoconductive switch coupled to a silicon substrate lens. The temporal response along the optical axis is investigated to ensure the structure itself does not introduce pulse distortion which would fundamentally limit the usefulness of the structure. Experimental results show that a 1.6 THz bandwidth with a ≈50dB dynamic range is achievable with the new structure which is comparable to our reference experiment with a standard silicon substrate lens. The investigated structure has the added benefit of a potential substantial physical size reduction and can also be used to excite waveguides in the near-field.
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