Sunday, April 30, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz multilevel phase Fresnel lenses fabricated by laser patterning of silicon

L. Minkevičius, S. Indrišiūnas, R. Šniaukas, B. Voisiat, V. Janonis, V. Tamošiūnas, I. Kašalynas, G. Račiukaitis, and G. Valušis

Multilevel phase Fresnel lenses (MPFLs) with a high numerical aperture for 0.58 THz frequencies were developed. The components based on a monocrystalline silicon wafer are prepared by patterning by a high-speed industrial-scale laser direct writing (LDW) system. Two consistent series of the terahertz-MPFLs with phase quantization levels varying between 2 and the continuous kinoform shape for the focal lengths of 5 and 10 mm were produced employing inherent flexibility of the LDW fabrication process. The focusing performance was studied at the optimal 0.58 THz frequency using a Gaussian beam profile and scanning 2D intensity distribution with a terahertz detector along the optical axis. The efficiency of the terahertz-MPFL was found to be dependent of the number of subzones. The position and orientation angles of the patterned plane of the silicon wafer were considered to reduce the effect of standing waves formation in the experiment.
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