Thursday, April 27, 2017

Abstract-Mechanisms Responsible for Extraordinary Optical Transmission Through One-Dimensional Periodic Arrays of Infinite Sub-wavelength Slits: the Origin of Previous EOT Position Prediction Misinterpretations

J. Fial, I. Richter,

We have studied theoretically and numerically the effect of extraordinary optical transmission of light propagating through the one-dimensional periodic arrays of infinite slits with sub-wavelength dimensions. In our study, we have concentrated on mechanisms which are responsible for this effect. Within our analysis, we have attempted to draw the attention towards the origin and reasons of earlier misinterpretations concerning the spectral position of EOT prediction and the related role of surface plasmon polaritons in manifestation of the effect. Using the sequence of suitable parameter two-dimensional spaces (in terms of structure period-filling factor; thickness-wavelength; wavelength-angle), we were able to look into subtle physical mechanisms operating in the background of this extraordinary optical transmission effect. To study these effects associated with the extraordinary optical transmission, we have applied our efficient two-dimensional numerical technique based on the rigorous coupled-wave analysis. Within the thickness-wavelength parameter space, we have been able to identify and describe three distinct interaction regions, with specific behaviour. Finally, we have proposed and discussed the supporting mechanism explaining the interaction, based on the interference of resonant and non-resonant contributions at the slit openings.

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