Friday, March 31, 2017

US Patent-System for Launching a Signal Into a Dielectric Waveguide

United States Patent Application 20170093010
Herbsommer, Juan Alejandro (Allen, TX, US) 
Kramer, Bradley Allen (Plano, TX, US)

A system is provided for transmitting sub-terahertz electro-magnetic radio frequency (RF) signals using a dielectric waveguide (DWG) having a dielectric core member surrounded by dielectric cladding. An RF transmitter is coupled to an antenna located on a first substrate, in which the antenna is adjacent an edge of the substrate. The first substrate is mounted on a second substrate. A conductive reflector plate is formed on the top surface of the second substrate. An end of the DWG is mounted on the second substrate over the reflector plate such that an exposed face of the core member at the end of the DWG is adjacent the antenna. The core member at the end of DWG forms an angle of inclination with the second substrate in which the angle is in a range of approximately 10-30 degrees.

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