Friday, March 31, 2017

Abstract-Tailoring Terahertz Propagation by Phase and Amplitude Control in Metasurfaces

Jingjing Zheng, Xueqian Zhang, Lixiang Liu, Quan Li, Leena Singh, Jiaguang Han, Fengping Yan, Weili Zhang

Metasurfaces have been very successful at demonstrating the ability to control the wave propagation over the broad electromagnetic spectrum in recent years. The output wavefronts can be controlled at will, by encoding specially designed abrupt changes of electromagnetic parameters into the metasurfaces, such as phase and amplitude. Constituted by a single- or few-layer of planar structures, metasurfaces are straightforward in design and fabrication, thus promising many credible applications. Moreover, such control concept can be further extended to the surface wave regime. In this review, we present our recent progress on metasurfaces capable of tailoring the propagation of both free-space and surface terahertz waves. Following an introduction of the basic concept and theory, a number of unique terahertz metasurfaces are presented, showing the ability to device ultra-thin and compact functional terahertz components.

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