Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Abstract-THz Vector Field Measurement Comparison Between On-the-Fly and Step Scan Method

Jie Hu, Zheng Lou, Qi-Jun Yao,  Wei Miao, Jin-Ping Yang,  Zhen-Hui Lin,  Sheng-Cai Shi,


A fast terahertz vector field measurement system based on the on-the-fly (OTF) scan method is investigated. Compared with the step scan method, which samples at certain step, the OTF scan obtains the data with the scanner moving continuously, thus improving the measurement efficiency to some extent. The phase stability of the system is fully studied. Demonstration at approximately 500 GHz is compared with the result by the step scan method, showing that the OTF method can improve the measurement speed by a factor of 7 while the data accuracy is almost the same. Measurements at different scanning speeds and with different probes are also compared to understand their effects.

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