Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Abstract-2D and 3D Terahertz Imaging and X-Rays CT for Sigillography Study

  • M. Fabre, 
  • R. Durand, 
  • L. Bassel, 
  • B. Recur, 
  • H. Balacey, 
  • J. Bou Sleiman, 
  • J.-B. Perraud, 
  • P. Mounaix, 

Seals are part of our cultural heritage but the study of these objects is limited because of their fragility. Terahertz and X-Ray imaging are used to analyze a collection of wax seals from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. In this work, both techniques are compared in order to discuss their advantages and limits and their complementarity for conservation state study of the samples. Thanks to 3D analysis and reconstructions, defects and fractures are detected with an estimation of their depth position. The path from the parchment tongue inside the seals is also detected.

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