Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz radiation generation by propagation of circularly polarized laser pulses in axially magnetized plasma

Pooja Sharma, Navina Wadhwani, and Pallavi Jha

An analytical study is developed for the generation of terahertz radiation by propagation of a circularly polarized laser pulse in axially magnetized plasma, in the mildly relativistic regime. A perturbative technique is used to obtain the electric and magnetic wakefields within and behind the laser pulse. The emission of terahertz radiation via generated transverse wakefields is analyzed by determining mutually perpendicular electric and magnetic wakefields oscillating at the plasma frequency and having the same amplitude. It is shown that the generated transverse electric and magnetic wakefields constitute two off-axis, linearly polarized terahertz electromagnetic fields propagating along the laser pulse direction.

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