Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Abstract-A Single-Emitter Gain Medium for Bright Coherent Radiation from a Plasmonic Nanoresonator

We theoretically demonstrate the generation and radiation of coherent nanoplasmons powered by a single three-level quantum emitter on a plasmonic nanoresonator. By pumping the three-level emitter in a Raman configuration, we show a pathway to achieve macroscopic accumulation of nanoplasmons due to stimulated emission in the nanoresonator despite their fast relaxation. Thanks to the antenna effect of the nanoresonator, the system acts as an efficient and bright nanoscopic coherent light source with a photon emission rate of hundreds of Terahertz and could be realized with solid-state emitters at room temperatures in pulse mode. We provide physical interpretations of the results and discuss their realization and implications for ultra-compact integration of optoelectronics.

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