Monday, January 9, 2017

Abstract-Photoconductive LT-GaAs Terahertz Antennas: Correlation Between Surface Quality and Emission Strength

  • O. M. Abdulmunem
  • K. I. Hassoon
  • J. Völkner
  • M. Mikulics
  • K. I. Gries
  • J. C. Balze
We investigate the influence of the surface properties of a low-temperature-grown GaAs photoconductive antenna on the terahertz (THz) emission strength, using a specially designed THz time-domain spectroscopy system. The system allows us to excite six different positions along the 10 μm gap of a coplanar stripline antenna with a length of 10 mm without changing the alignment of the optical or THz beam path. A comparison to the surface roughness and the grain size which are extracted from an atomic force and a scanning electron microscope is given.

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