Friday, March 3, 2017

Abstract-Simulation and experiments of a high power pulsed optically pumped gas Terahertz laser

  • Lijie Geng
  • Yusheng Zhai
  • Zhifeng Zhang
  • Fanghua Zhou
  • Yuling Su
  • Haokai Liu
  • Jiawen Zhang
  • Yanchen Qu
  • Weijiang Zhao

A new laser kinetics model (LKM) of gas Terahertz (THz) laser has been improved and the output characteristics of a pulse gas 385 μm THz laser have been simulated and compared with the associated experimental data. Pump absorption coefficient (PAC) and pulse profile were determined using the experimental method, which provided reliable reference basis for approximated treatment of the model. The equations were solved numerically by the Runge–Kutta numerical method and some THz output characteristics, such as output power, pulse shape and pulse energy were theoretically investigated. The simulation and experimental results are in good agreement.

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