Thursday, December 22, 2016

Abstract-Single-shot terahertz time-domain spectroscopy in pulsed high magnetic fields

G. Timothy Noe, Ikufumi Katayama, Fumiya Katsutani, James J. Allred, Jeffrey A. Horowitz, David M. Sullivan, Qi Zhang, Fumiya Sekiguchi, Gary L. Woods, Matthias C. Hoffmann, Hiroyuki Nojiri, Jun Takeda, and Junichiro Kono

We have developed a single-shot terahertz time-domain spectrometer to perform optical-pump/terahertz-probe experiments in pulsed, high magnetic fields up to 30 T. The single-shot detection scheme for measuring a terahertz waveform incorporates a reflective echelon to create time-delayed beamlets across the intensity profile of the optical gate beam before it spatially and temporally overlaps with the terahertz radiation in a ZnTe detection crystal. After imaging the gate beam onto a camera, we can retrieve the terahertz time-domain waveform by analyzing the resulting image. To demonstrate the utility of our technique, we measured cyclotron resonance absorption of optically excited carriers in the terahertz frequency range in intrinsic silicon at high magnetic fields, with results that agree well with published values.
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