Thursday, November 3, 2016

Abstract-Low temperature-grown GaAs carrier lifetime evaluation by double optical pump terahertz time-domain emission spectroscopy

Valynn Katrine Mag-usara, Stefan Funkner, Gudrun Niehues, Elizabeth Ann Prieto, Maria Herminia Balgos, Armando Somintac, Elmer Estacio, Arnel Salvador, Kohji Yamamoto, Muneaki Hase, and Masahiko Tani

We present the use of a “double optical pump” technique in terahertz time-domain emission spectroscopy as an alternative method to investigate the lifetime of photo-excited carriers in semiconductors. Compared to the commonly employed optical pump-probe transient photo-reflectance, this non-contact and room temperature characterization technique allows relative ease in achieving optical alignment. The technique was implemented to evaluate the carrier lifetime in low temperature-grown gallium arsenide (LT-GaAs). The carrier lifetime values deduced from “double optical pump” THz emission decay curves show good agreement with data obtained from standard transient photo-reflectance measurements on the same LT-GaAs samples grown at 250 °C and 310 °C.
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