Sunday, October 23, 2016

Abstract-Porosity dependence of terahertz emission of porous silicon investigated using reflection geometry terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Porosity dependent terahertz emission of porous silicon (PSi) was studied. The PSi samples were fabricated via electrochemical etching of boron-doped (100) silicon in a solution containing 48% hydrofluoric acid, deionized water and absolute ethanol in a 1:3:4 volumetric ratio. The porosity was controlled by varying the supplied anodic current for each sample. The samples were then optically characterized via normal incidence reflectance spectroscopy to obtain values for their respective refractive indices and porosities. Absorbance of each sample was also computed using the data from its respective reflectance spectrum. Terahertz emission of each sample was acquired through terahertz - time domain spectroscopy. A decreasing trend in the THz signal power was observed as the porosity of each PSi was increased. This was caused by the decrease in the absorption strength as the silicon crystallite size in the PSi was minimized.

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