Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Abstract-Manipulation of dual band ultrahigh index metamaterials in the terahertz region

Xufeng Jing, Weimin Wang, Rui Xia, Jingyin Zhao, Ying Tian, and Zhi Hong


By drastically decreasing the diamagnetic effect with a thin metallic structure in the unit cell and increasing the effective permittivity through strong capacitive coupling, we designed the crossed I-shaped metallic patches metamaterial with an extremely high refractive index in the dual band terahertz region. The peak index of refraction of near 80 at about 0.75 THz is predicted, along with another peak index of about 25 at 2.85 THz. Based on the careful analysis of the high index on the dependence of the electric field coupling effect, the magnetic field diamagnetic response, and the geometric parameters in the unit cell, it is found that both of the high index bands respectively correspond to different components in the metamaterial structure. To realize a higher effective refractive index for the second band as well as for the first one, we proposed the triple I-shaped metallic metamaterial structure.
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