Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Abstract-Tunable terahertz generation in the picosecond regime from the stimulated polariton scattering in a LiNbO3 crystal

Aravindan M. Warrier, Ran Li, Jipeng Lin, Andrew J. Lee, Helen M. Pask, and David J. Spence

We demonstrate narrowband tunable terahertz generation from a picosecond LiNbO3polariton laser, pumped by a CW mode-locked Nd:YVO4 picosecond laser. We generated up to 5.4 μW of terahertz output in untuned mode. We tuned the terahertz output, using etalons in the cavity, from 0.51 to 2.12 THz. Terahertz output powers of 3.7 μW and 2.4 μW were achieved at terahertz frequencies of 1.6 THz and 0.9 THz, respectively.
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