Thursday, September 1, 2016

Abstract-Resolution and quality enhancement in terahertz in-line holography by sub-pixel sampling with double-distance reconstruction

Zeyu Li, Lei Li, Yu Qin, Guangbin Li, Du Wang, and Xun Zhou

We demonstrate the enhancement of resolution and image quality in terahertz (THz) lens-free in-line digital holography by sub-pixel sampling with double-distance reconstruction. Multiple sub-pixel shifted low-resolution (LR) holograms recorded by a pyroelectric array detector (100 μm × 100 μm pixel pitch, 124 × 124 pixels) are aligned precisely to synthesize a high-resolution (HR) hologram. By this method, the lateral resolution is no more limited by the pixel pitch, and lateral resolution of 150 μm is obtained, which corresponds to 1.26λ with respect to the illuminating wavelength of 118.8 μm (2.52 THz). Compared with other published works, to date, this is the highest resolution in THz digital holography when considering the illuminating wavelength. In addition, to suppress the twin-image and zero-order artifacts, the complex amplitude distributions of both object and illuminaing background wave fields are reconstructed simultaneously. This is achieved by iterative phase retrieval between the double HR holograms and background images at two recording planes, which does not require any constraints on object plane or a priori knowledge of the sample.
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