Saturday, September 17, 2016

Abstract-Broadband terahertz dispersion control in hybrid waveguides

Tobias Fobbe, Sergej Markmann, Felix Fobbe, Negar Hekmat, Hanond Nong, Shovon Pal, Patrick Balzerwoski, Janne Savolainen, Martina Havenith, Andreas D. Wieck, and Nathan Jukam

Dispersion control is a key objective in the field of photonics and spectroscopy, since it enhances non-linear effects by both enabling phase matching and offering slow light generation. In addition, it is essential for frequency comb generation, which requires a phase-lock mechanism that is provided by broadband compensation of group velocity dispersion (GVD). At optical frequencies, there are several well-established concepts for dispersion control such as prism or grating pairs. However, terahertz dispersion control is still a challenge, thus hindering further progress in the field of terahertz science and technology. In this work, we present a hybrid waveguide with both broadband, tuneable positive and more than octave-spanning negative terahertz GVD on the order of 10−22 s2/m, which is suitable for either intra- or extra cavity operation. This new terahertz device will enable ultra-short pulse compression, allow soliton propagation, improve frequency comb operation and foster the development of novel non-linear applications.

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