Friday, August 26, 2016

Abstract-Investigation of mechanism: spoof SPPs on periodically textured metal surface with pyramidal grooves;postID=4769349778953500837

In microwave and terahertz frequency band, a textured metal surface can support spoof surface plasmon polaritons (SSPPs). In this paper, we explore a SSPPs waveguide composed of a metal block with pyramidal grooves. Under the deep subwavelength condition, theoretical formulas for calculation of dispersion relations are derived based on the modal expansion method (MEM). Using the obtained formulas, a general analysis is given about the properties of the SSPPs in the waveguides with upright and downward pyramidal grooves. It is demonstrated that the SSPPs waveguides with upright pyramidal grooves give better field-confinement. Numerical simulations are used to check the theoretical analysis and show good agreement with the analytical results. In addition, the group velocity of the SSPPs propagating along the waveguide is explored and two structures are designed to show how to trap the SSPPs on the metal surface. The calculation methodology provided in this paper can also be used to deal with the SSPPs waveguides with irregular grooves.

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