Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Abstract-Compact terahertz wave polarization beam splitter using photonic crystal

Guo-qiang Mo and Jiu-sheng Li

Electromagnetic polarization conveys valuable information for signal processing. Manipulation of a terahertz wave polarization state exhibits tremendous potential in developing applications of terahertz science and technology. We propose an approach to efficiently split transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic polarized terahertz waves into different propagation directions over the frequency range from 0.9998 to 1.0007 THz. Both the plane wave expansion method and the finite-difference time-domain method are used to calculate and analyze the transmission characteristics of the proposed device. The present device is very compact and the total size is 1.02  mm×0.99  mm. This polarization beam splitter performance indicates that the structure has a potential application for forthcoming terahertz-wave integrated circuit fields.
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