Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Abstract-Broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber based on sectional asymmetric structures

Cheng Gong, Mingzhou Zhan, Jing Yang, Zhigang Wang, Haitao Liu, Yuejin Zhao & Weiwei Liu


We suggest and demonstrate the concept and design of sectional asymmetric structures which can manipulate the metamaterial absorber’s working bandwidth with maintaining the other inherent advantages. As an example, a broadband terahertz perfect absorber is designed to confirm its effectiveness. The absorber’s each cell integrates four sectional asymmetric rings, and the entire structure composed of Au and Si3N4 is only 1.9 μm thick. The simulation results show the bandwidth with absorptivity being larger than 90% is extended by about 2.8 times comparing with the conventional square ring absorber. The composable small cell, ultra-thin, and broadband absorption with polarization and incident angle insensitivity will make the absorber suitable for the applications of focal plane array terahertz imaging.

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