Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Abstract and Presentation Raed Shubair-Terahertz Nano-Communications: Recent Advances and Future Directions

Professor Raed Shubair 
Electrical Engineering, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

Date: Wednesday August 3, 2016 Time: 2:00 PM – 3.00 PM Location: E5 4106 – 4128
Invited by: Professor S. Safavi-Naeini

Recent years have witnessed exponential growth in wireless data traffic accompanied by an increasing demand for higher speed wireless communications, anywhere, anytime. Wireless Terabit-persecond (Tbps) links are expected to become a reality within the next ten years. In this context, Electromagnetic Terahertz communication is envisioned as a key wireless technology of the next decade. The THz band will help overcome the spectrum scarcity problems and capacity limitations of current wireless networks, by providing an unprecedentedly large bandwidth. In addition, THz-band communication will enable applications such as wireless massive-core computing architectures and instantaneous data transfer among non-invasive nano-devices, as well as ultra-high-definition content streaming among mobile devices and wireless high-bandwidth secure communications. In this talk an in-depth view of THzband communications will be provided. First, the state of the art and open challenges in the design and development of THz-band devices will be presented. In particular, the limitations and possible solutions in the design of highspeed THz-band transceivers, broadband antennas and dynamic antenna arrays will be described. A special emphasis will be given to the utilization of novel materials, such as grapheme, to develop compact solid-state devices for THz communications. Then, the current progress and open research directions in terms of THz-band channel modeling will be presented. Finally, the main phenomena affecting the propagation of THz signals will be explained and their impact on the channel capacity will be assessed.

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