Monday, July 4, 2016

Abstract-Voltage-tunable dual-layer terahertz metamaterials

This paper presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of a real-time voltage-tunable terahertz metamaterial based on microelectromechanical systems and broadside-coupled split-ring resonators. In our metamaterial, the magnetic and electric interactions between the coupled resonators are modulated by a comb-drive actuator, which provides continuous lateral shifting between the coupled resonators by up to 20 μm. For these strongly coupled split-ring resonators, both a symmetric mode and an anti-symmetric mode are observed. With increasing lateral shift, the electromagnetic interactions between the split-ring resonators weaken, resulting in frequency shifting of the resonant modes. Over the entire lateral shift range, the symmetric mode blueshifts by ~60 GHz, and the anti-symmetric mode redshifts by ~50 GHz. The amplitude of the transmission at 1.03 THz is modulated by 74%; moreover, a 180° phase shift is achieved at 1.08 THz. Our tunable metamaterial device has myriad potential applications, including terahertz spatial light modulation, phase modulation, and chemical sensing. Furthermore, the scheme that we have implemented can be scaled to operate at other frequencies, thereby enabling a wide range of distinct applications.

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