Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Abstract-Magneto-induced Fano-like cavity interference in three-dimensional metamaterials

Published 4 July 2016 • © 2016 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 

Fano-like cavity interference due to magneto-inductive coupling in metamaterial structure is demonstrated via a double Fabry–Perot cavity (DFPC) that consists of stacked multi-layered resonators. The induced magnetic field based destructive interference is observed in the transmission response of the DFPC system, which exhibits the Fano line shaped resonance. The retrieved real and imaginary parts of effective permeability and permittivity indicate strong magneto-induced dispersion with a group delay leading to the slow light effect. This finding provides an interesting mechanism to excite Fano resonances in metamaterial systems via magnetic interaction between resonators, which may enable new devices for slow light and sensing applications.

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