Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Abstract-Polarization-insensitive tunable multiple electromagnetically induced transparencies analogue in terahertz graphene metamaterial

A graphene-based metamaterial structure composed of multilayer graphene/dielectric stacking configuration is proposed, which achieves multiple analogue of electromagnetically induced transparencies (EIT) effect at terahertz frequencies. Using the phase-coupling scheme, a theoretical model is established to study the EIT-like effect of the proposed structure, and the theoretical calculations coincide well with the numerical simulated results. By varying the Fermi energy level of the graphene, the EIT-like windows can be dynamically tuned in a wide range of terahertz spectra. Particularly, since the symmetry of the structure, the EIT-like effect is polarization-insensitive and can be performed very well in a large incident angles, nearly 80° for both transverse electric and transverse magnetic waves. The proposed structure has potential applications in tunable terahertz chip-integrated optical devices, especially for dynamic multi-band filters, sensors, modulators and nonlinear devices.
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