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Abstract-Mid-infrared-pumped quantum cascade structure for high-sensitive terahertz detection


Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, P.O. Box 8009(28), 100088, Beijing, China
 2yang_ning@iapcm.ac.cn 3chu_weidong@iapcm.ac.cn

Abstract: Based on multiple quantum wells, we design a pumping-detection quantum cascade structure for the detection of terahertz (THz) radiation. In the structure, carriers are first pumped by a mid-infrared (MIR) laser to an excited state, to get enough energy space for the following fast longitudinal optical (LO) phonon extraction. Within the LO-phonon extraction stair, an absorption well is designed for THz detection. Due to the establishment of LO-phonon stair extractor, carriers transport between quantum wells in picosecond range and a high responsivity for THz absorption can be obtained. We also find that doping in both MIR active well and extractor region is significant for high-speed response of the THz detection. Our design is expected to extend the high-sensitive detection of a quantum cascade photodetector from middle wave of MIR to THz region.
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 OCIS codes: (040.4200)
 Multiple quantum well; (040.5160) Photodetectors; (040.2235) Far infrared or terahertz.

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