Sunday, May 29, 2016

Abstract-Terahertz generation from electron- and neutron-irradiated semiconductor crystal surfaces

  • S.A. Bereznaya, 
  • Z.V. Korotchenko! R.
  • A. Redkin, S.
  • Yu. Sarkisov, V.
  • N. Brudnyi! A.
  • V. Kosobutsky, V.
  • V. Atuchin

Terahertz generation from the InP, InSb, GaAs and GaSe crystal surfaces excitated by femtosecond laser pulses has been studied. The terahertz spectra emitted from the native crystals and the crystals previously irradiated by high-energy neutrons or electrons have been recorded. Also, a simulation of the terahertz emission process has been performed. A weak terahertz signal generated from the GaSe native surface has been registered. In the case of electron-irradiated GaSe, the signal is increased several fold because of increased laser radiation absorption.

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