Saturday, May 7, 2016

Abstract-High-energy terahertz wave parametric oscillator with a surface-emitted ring-cavity configuration

Zhen Yang, Yuye Wang, Degang Xu, Wentao Xu, Pan Duan, Chao Yan, Longhuang Tang, and Jianquan Yao

A surface-emitted ring-cavity terahertz (THz) wave parametric oscillator has been demonstrated for high-energy THz output and fast frequency tuning in a wide frequency range. Through the special optical design with a galvano-optical scanner and four-mirror ring-cavity structure, the maximum THz wave output energy of 12.9 μJ/pulse is achieved at 1.359 THz under the pump energy of 172.8 mJ. The fast THz frequency tuning in the range of 0.7–2.8 THz can be accessed with the step response of 600 μs. Moreover, the maximum THz wave output energy from this configuration is 3.29 times as large as that obtained from the conventional surface-emitted THz wave parametric oscillator with the same experimental conditions.
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