Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Abstract-Terahertz wave three-dimensional computed tomography based on injection-seeded terahertz wave parametric emitter and detector

Saroj R. Tripathi, Yuya Sugiyama, Kosuke Murate, Kazuki Imayama, and Kodo Kawase


We demonstrate a high dynamic range, three-dimensional (3-D) terahertz (THz) wave computed tomography system in which frequency tunable, Fourier transform-limited, high-power THz waves are emitted by an injection-seeded parametric source and ultrasensitive detection of THz waves is accomplished by heterodyne detection. This system covers the frequency range of 0.95 to 2.7 THz and has a maximum dynamic range in excess of nine orders of magnitude, enabling the acquisition of high-resolution 3-D tomographic images of samples with strong THz absorption. As an illustration, we obtained 3-D computed tomographic images of a pencil and a plastic product with an internal defect that demonstrates the potential applications of our imaging system in non-destructive testing and evaluation of industrial products.
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