Friday, March 18, 2016

Abstract-2.52  terahertz dual-axis reflection confocal scanning microscope

Qi Li, Yi Zhou, Yong-Fa Yang, and Guang-Hao Chen

We present a dual-axis reflection confocal scanning microscope operating at 2.52 terahertz with axial resolution of 0.67 mm. The spatial resolution of the system was evaluated by utilizing the resolution test chart. Lateral resolution exceeded 0.314 mm, and the lengthwise resolution was over 0.353 mm. We introduced a 0.3 mm pinhole to improve the resolution. Targets such as the Chinese character “TAI” written on paper with a pencil and the metal letter “G” were scanned to test the imaging quality. To verify the imaging ability of the axial sections, two pairs of metal straps and a combinatorial metal ring were scanned, further revealing the satisfying 3D imaging capability.
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