Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NuMedHub- Terahertz moisture monitoring during industrial processes

terahertz laser isn't really scary at allIt’s fun to pop into Starbucks and let a few people overhear you say “Did you turn off the laser before you left?” Terahertz is actually a fairly safe light wave and not a weapon. This device’s big super power is that it is ultra sensitive to minute fluctuations in moisture content. The future applications are varied across many industries.
Terahertz light is non-destructive and is perfect for detecting the moisture inside and beneath objects during manufacturing or that you don’t want to touch or unwrap.
We have developed a system for moisture monitoring during industrial processes. The system uses terahertz (THz) radiation, which is highly sensitive to small changes in moisture content. The system is expected to improve efficiency and reduce cost during the manufacturing of paper and other products that are reliant on careful moisture control.
Partner: JAL Engineering
Funding: National Science Foundation (NSF)

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