Friday, February 12, 2016

Abstract-Study of asymmetric U-shaped resonator at terahertz frequencies

  • Zhou Yang
  • Qingli Zhou
  • Wen Long
  • Chenyu Li
  • Yulei Shi
  • Ani Wu
  • Jianfeng Liu
  • Cunlin Zhang

We demonstrate the asymmetric U-shaped array exhibits different spectral patterns in response to incident terahertz wave with horizontal and vertical polarizations. In the horizontal incident polarization, where terahertz electric-field Ein is in parallel with the bottom bar of U-shaped structure, the two-absorption-dip transmission spectrum is similar to that of a typical split-ring resonator. When Ein is perpendicular to bottom bar, an interesting phenomenon comes up with three dips. This differs from the split-ring resonator which only has one dip in the transmission spectrum. The bottom-bar length also has significant impacts on frequency-shift and absorptive depth related to this resonant phenomenon.

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