Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Semi-OT Abstract- Waveguide Characterization of S-Band Microwave Mantle Cloaks for Dielectric and Conducting Objects

We present the experimental characterization of mantle cloaks designed so as to minimize the electromagnetic scattering of moderately-sized dielectric and conducting cylinders at S-band microwave frequencies. Our experimental setup is based on a parallel-plate waveguide system, which emulates a two-dimensional plane-wave scattering scenario, and allows the collection of near-field maps as well as more quantitative assessments in terms of global scattering observables (e.g., total scattering width). Our results, in fairly good agreement with full-wave numerical simulations, provide a further illustration of the mantle- cloak mechanism, including its frequency-sensitivity, and confirm its effectiveness both in restoring the near-field impinging wavefront around the scatterer, and in significantly reducing the overall scattering.

(My Note, From the paper:)
By comparison with the plasmonic implementation, mantle cloaks tend to be particularly suited for microwave and terahertz frequencies, providing low-profile, conformal, easy-to-fabricate configurations that are especially attractive for applications to reduction of antenna coupling

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