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Focus on Superconductor Terahertz Science and Applications

Focus on Superconductor Terahertz Science and Applications

Guest Editors

Masayoshi Tonouchi, Osaka University, Japan Boris S Karasik, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA Michael Siegel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Jian Chen, Nanjing University, China


SUST invites manuscripts that document the state-of-the-art in superconductor terahertz science and applications. Terahertz technology in the frequency range 0.3–30 THz has attracted much interest owing to potential applications in many fields for astronomy, medical diagnostics and biology, quantum communications, security, defense, non-destructive testing, and so on. Terahertz frequency range lies in between microwave and optical ranges, and shares some characteristics of both regimes. The nature of terahertz waves that bridges electronics and photonics has made the terahertz science and technology an important area of research. Terahertz devices with better performance, such as e.g. narrow-band high-brightness sources, or highly-sensitive broad-band detectors are now available. Terahertz technology is presently employed in space science to explore the universe, as well as for many terrestrial applications.
Our special issue aims at highlighting all developments in the broad area of superconductor THz science and applications. We will consider theoretical, numerical, and experimental papers that cover but are not limited to the following topics:
  • Novel THz sources and detectors
  • THz imaging and spectroscopy techniques and systems
  • New THz materials and devices
  • New phenomena in superconductors probed by THz waves
  • Nonlinear THz interactions with superconductors
  • Development of THz devices, components, and systems
  • Applications of THz radiation in astronomy, physics, life sciences, and industries 

How to submit

Either go to add or click on 'Submit an article' on the right hand side of this page, and select 'Special Issue Article' as the article type, then 'Superconductor Terahertz Science and Applications'.

Important dates and deadlines

Submission deadline 1 August 2016.
Approximate online publication January 2017. 
More information about Superconductor Science and Technology can be found on our website:

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