Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Abstract-Experimental realization of perfect terahertz plasmonic absorbers using highly doped silicon substrate and CMOS-compatible techniques

Ting Wang, Su Shen, Jianjun Liu, Yusheng Zhang, and Zhanghua Han

We experimentally demonstrate that at terahertz frequencies perfect plasmonic absorbers made on a highly doped silicon platform can be easily realized, exhibiting near-zero dips in the reflection spectra. The unit cell of the absorber consists of a dielectric layer of SiO2 film sandwiched between a highly doped silicon wafer and the copper structures, in the form of either one-dimensional stripe array or two-dimensional cross array. The reflection spectrum of the proposed absorbers are characterized using a terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system and the experimental results are in good agreement with numerical simulations. The dependence of the absorption on the THz polarization for both the 1D and 2D absorbers are also investigated. The high performance together with the easy fabrication processes presented in this paper show that the plasmonic absorber holds high prospect in terahertz applications.
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