Sunday, January 24, 2016

Abstract-Dual-band tunable perfect metamaterial absorber in the THz range

Gang Yao, Furi Ling, Jin Yue, Chunya Luo, Jie Ji, and Jianquan Yao

In this paper, a dual-band perfect absorber, composed of a periodically patterned elliptical nanodisk graphene structure and a metal ground plane spaced by a thin SiO2 dielectric layer, is proposed and investigated. Numerical results reveal that the absorption spectrum of the graphene-based structure displays two perfect absorption peaks in the terahertz band, corresponding to the absorption value of 99% at 35𝜇𝑚 and 97%at 59𝜇𝑚, respectively. And the resonance frequency of the absorber can be tunned by controlling the Fermi level of graphene layer. Further more, it is insensitive to the polarization and remains very high over a wide angular range of incidence around ±600. Compared with the previous graphene dual-band perfect absorption, our absorber only has one shape which can greatly simplify the manufacturing process.
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