Friday, December 11, 2015

Abstract-Stiffness measurement using terahertz and acoustic waves for biological samples

Jong-Hyun Yoon, Young-Joong Yang, Jinho Park, Heyjin Son, Hochong Park, Gun-Sik Park, and Chang-Beom Ahn

A method is proposed to measure sample stiffness using terahertz wave and acoustic stimulation. The stiffness-dependent vibration is measured using terahertz wave (T-ray) during an acoustic stimulation. To quantify the vibration, time of the peak amplitude of the reflected T-ray is measured. In our experiment, the T-ray is asynchronously applied during the period of the acoustic stimulation, and multiple measurements are taken to use the standard deviation and the maximum difference in the peak times to estimate the amplitude of the vibration. Some preliminary results are shown using biological samples.
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